Tuesday, December 15, 2009

US collapse of 2009

This is from fox news showing what we have done to our money supply and how this system will only end up crashing sooner than later

James Lovelock

Independent scientist who is the man behind the Guia theory and you will find his research and theories to be very practical and seem very probable.

Who Owns The World

There are 3 videos to watch and they talk about who actually owns the majority of the world and you will be very suprised to here who does........

Movie Zeitgeist

This videos open your eyes to so many things so take some time and take a look. Also be aware that whenever you are watching something you have to take all the facts or information and form your own opinion. This video goes over 911/Religon/Money System, Debt etc so watch at your own risk as there are some things you may prefer not to know lol

The Girl Who Silenced the World for 5 minutes

Watch this Canadian girl get up at a conference and deliver an amzing speech about the current world situation and promting that we all change our ways.

Check this video out as the message is awesome :)

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